How may I Serve You?
I have been so incredibly blessed during my life - from the amazing people who have influenced and mentored me, to the wonderful experiences I have been able to share with friends and family, to the accomplishments made possible by teammates and co-workers too numerous to name - all of which has led me to understanding my life's purpose is to use all my good fortune to help others.

So, how may I serve you?  Does your company have a turnover problem - if so, allow me to show you time tested and proven strategies that can reduce your turnover, improve employee morale and increase productivity and profitability!  Do you want to provide Leadership Training and turn the managers in your organization into true Leaders - I'd be honored to help.  Are you ready to take your life to the Next Level - well let's get after it together!
"Make Every Interaction Transformational - not Transactional"
- Patti Smith 
Behavioral Analysis Expertise
My life's purpose is to leverage the incredible people, knowledge and experiences I have had the good fortune to be exposed to during my life in ways that help my clients and my community.  

Combining my 20+ years of experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst plus the incredible tools at my disposal as a result of my relationship with PDP Global and I have the expertise to help people, teams and companies up-level communication into connection and management into leadership - as a result significantly turning up the morale, productivity and profitability of any sized business.  
John Maxwell Team Certification
John Maxwell is the most recognized leadership expert in the world and I am certified as a John Maxwell Team Professional Coach, Trainer and Speaker in the Maxwell Method.  This means I have invested heavily in my own professional development so that I can bring my clients the very best Coaching and Training available.  

My certification with the John Maxwell Team allows me to offer the following to any organization:
- The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
- Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
- Becoming a Person of Influence
- Developing The Leaders Around You
and much more!
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